Provident Fund computation and complete accounting cycle.
Manage your PF accounting, income calculation and final settlement.
Benefits & Features
Employee Management
Manage all employee information securely and easily in a comprehensive employee record that includes employee contact information, department, designation, hire date, salary etc. Manage profit application and zakat deduction of employee.
Monthly Contributions
Two type of employees Independent ledgers are maintained to manage the monthly contribution of employee and employer. Monthly contribution of employees can be processed using integration with payroll software. You can also import the contribution details from excel files.
Provision to allow loans against provident fund is available. Two type of advances (Regular and Permanent) can be defined in the system.
Final Settlement
A very easy and quick final settlement module will help you manage the discontinuation of employee. Opening balance of employee ledgers, contributions of current year, profit of current year, advance taken and zakat deduction will be calculated.
Annual Corporate Reporting
A comprehensive corporate reporting package is part of software that is in compliance with the requirements of tax and provident fund ordinance. Annual Final Profit Rate Calculation, Annual PF Contribution Schedule (Provision), Annual PF Contribution Schedule (Final), Annual Summary for Commissioner, and etc.
PF Accounting
A comprehensive general ledger is part of provident fund software. A user-define chart of account, bank & cheque book detail, vouchers (bank payment, expense, receipt and journal), ledger, transaction report and trail balance.
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