Heighten visibility into inventor planning will help you to reduce costs in your procurement.
Track costs and eliminate errors by monitoring the entire business process flow through purchasing, receiving and account payables
No matter the size of your business, our inventory & procurement management solution can help you build resiliency and flexibility into your supply network – for responsive planning, improved collaboration, and seamless execution. Gain complete visibility into the entire procure-to-pay process, to gain a clear perspective on spending throughout the organization
Benefits & Features
Raw Material Inventory Control
Create unlimited raw-material categories and raw-material product codes with various types; batch/lot based materials, standard materials, accessories, parts and general materials. Manage advanced location based material placements which will cover multiple store, racks and shelves. Generate barcode based codes for quick identification of materials and it source. To ensure your stock remains at optimal levels, setup minimum and maximum stock levels for each product. Software will give you alerts of over and under stocks for urgent action. Multiple material consumption and material valuation are available.
Material Planning
Materials Planning system is integrated with Bill of Material, Order Entry, Purchasing, Work Orders, Forecasting, and Accounting. Print order wise, article wise material consumption/budget sheet that will highlight the current stock levels and balance to be purchase. Virtually or physically reserve the material against any customer order or work order. Respond quickly to changes in supply and demand. Lock material consumption sheet as approval for procurement. Order material consumption variance report will help you to identify the excess/short consumption of materials on closing of order.
Supplier Management
Manage your all your supplier details in one simple location. Record useful information such as contact details, emails, payment terms, and bank details. Maintain supplier rate/price lists and contracts. Comprehensive reporting on supplier movement and product movement detail.
Sourcing (Local/Import)
Save time and resources by integrating procurement with related finance processes, so that you can track approved purchase orders through to receiving and then transfer them to accounts payable. Allow employees to create purchase orders based on pre-approved consumption/budget sheet or purchase requisitions. Track costs and eliminate errors by monitoring the entire business process flow through purchasing, receiving and account payables Manage in-house cost in case of imports. A strong supply appraisal system allows you to monitor all your receiving on the basis on pre-defined quality control parameters. Immediately process short quantities and rejected materials. Generate GRN and supply return voucher.
Accounts Payable
Accounts payable, funds transfer, automated order matching. It offers you the ability to effectively control your supplier accounts. Streamline your accounts payable process, monitor payment status, and ensure payment compliance with our end-to-end invoice management system.
Dashboard & Reporting
Monitor and manage your supplier and purchase orders dashboard that improves decision making process by providing on-spot and quick information about pending orders, late deliveries and payables. Stock availability and valuation at last cost and average cost. Pre-defined reports for stock ledger, daily material issuance, daily material receiving etc.
Security & User Management
Strong user management and simplified administration capabilities.
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