The principal role of PLM is to manage a products definition from concept to retirement.
View, manage, and update the entire product collection.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) manages the entire lifecycle of a product from concept creation through design and manufacture, to service and the product end of life. PLM enables organizations of all sizes to develop consistent, repeatable processes that optimize resources, maximize profitability, improve product quality and minimize downtime.
Benefits & Features
Article/Item Management
Know your master article list; remove duplicate and inactive part numbers and document them. Control product revisions, track product compliance (FDA/CSA/ISO), identify substitute/look-a-like article and manage multiple sourcing information. Article structures have associated product content, such as CAD files, documentation, requirements, manufacturing information, supplier data, calculations and illustrations. Define new configurations as well as create variations of existing products.
BOM Management
The bill of material (BOM) is a products DNA recipe, showing how each part is associated to the whole and how all parts work together. Manage BOM of articles – parts, specifications, reports, artwork, drawings, and even annotations – and all of it can change throughout the life of the product. Know your key components; lead times, expensive components or assemblies. Know you process; analyze assembly process, assembly process documentation, yield and re-works.
Compliance Control
Compliance doesnt have to be complicated. Meet regulatory requirements and manage compliance information for your products and processes. Track, manage and comply with medical, environmental, safety and process standards and regulations. Track product safety standards and certifications. Software enables you to efficiently and accurately track standards and certificates of compliance. Software has native document control capabilities that enable companies to meet ISO 9001:2000 requirements. BOMs and individual files can be managed under revision control with appropriate approvals and notifications.
Manage product costing across buyers and markets; manage material costs and manufacturing costs, set margins and target costs.
Supplier Collabration
Share real-time and accurate information with your suppliers. Control what information you share by setting a level of access for each supplier, from component-level access, to full BOM access for trusted partners.
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